"Physiotherapy Massager" and Slimming Instrument Pulse Massage "Muscle Relax Stimulator Acupuncture Therapy"

Promote Health Living and improve blood circulation and treat various acute chronic diseases!

Digital Therapy Machine is a new generation of healthcare product developed in accordance with theory of electro biology, physics and modern microelectronic technology and in combination with abundant clinical practices. HealthyLife is also a family and individual health care therapeutic device of the most advanced, the highest application rate and the best effect on body reaction by combining seven therapy methods, including slow stroke, united stroke massage, acupuncture, deep acupuncture, scrapping, cupping, lowering blood pressure.

This device works amazingly in relieving tiredness, eliminating body pains, relaxing muscles, improving blood circulation and in treating various acute chronic diseases which include stroke, stiff shoulder, paralysis, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, neck aches, overweight, body fatigue, weak sexual ability, waist/back pain etc.

Through the high and advanced digital technology, the micro-electronic programs of the production synthesize seven high-energy biological electronic currents to directly of effect the body surface acupoints or no-fixed acupionts of affected place.Induced by needing sensation through lifting.

What makes it so unique?

  • The unit transfers the physical factors into precise digital signals
  • Great for stiff neck and shoulder, as well as aches and pains
  • Equipped with large size LCD
  • The intensity, functions , therapeutic time can be clearly displayed both in the languages Chinese and English.
  • The output pulse width is adjustable
  • Why you should get this Digital Therapy Machine Now!

    1. Enhanced circulation of blood: First, massage Digital therapy machine can easily enhance blood flow. That is correct; it may lower blood pressure quickly as well as strengthen body functionality. Whenever the bloodstream gets overloaded, obtaining this kind of therapy machine with assist distributed blood and permit the bloodstream to circulation within. This product helps eliminate lactic acidity, eliminating lactic acidity to help improve lymph liquid blood circulation. This product can also support healthy lymph liquid blood circulation in maneuver metabolic waste materials from bodily and even muscle tissue.

    2. Headache alleviation: Massage therapy can certainly help reduce pressure headaches and migraine headaches. Obtaining this particular therapy for use can regularly avoid headaches or migraines through arriving at the actual start. Therapists will undoubtedly focus on your head, neck, and shoulders to decrease pain if the headache has already been generally there; this will likely enhance resting designs and improve the body’s hormone serotonin amounts.

    They are just some of the medical benefits that this digital therapy machine can offer the whole body. With this, one can transform one's health insurance and decrease tension amounts.

    3.Applicable diseases:   Indication stiff shoulder, neural paralysis, neuralgia, shank ache, whole-body fatigue, stomachache, bad cold, cervical vertebra neck ache, per arthritis, toothache, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, energy failure, weak sexual ability, irregular menstruation, various acute chronic.

    1.Applied with digital technology,The therapeutic accuracy can be ensured and the therapeutic efficacy can be greatly improved.

    2.Equipped with large size ,on which the intensity functions ,therapeutic time can be clearly displayed both in Chinese and English.

    3.The unique deep treatment button can be used to instantly change the out put pulse width so that the therapeutic effect can go deep into the skin and fries.

    4.The special immune therapy function.

    See what our satisfied is saying about this wonderful Digital therapy Machine

    Peace Matthew

    I have recurring sciatica pain. There are times when it's so uncomfortable that I can't sleep. This gives me enough relief that I'm able to sleep. Not to mention getting older...the aches and pains that comes with that. This is perfect. I love the size. The storage bag is a great way to keep all of your stuff together!

    Mary Johnson

     Fast shipping, product is as described. The intensity levels are great, better than I expected. I would definitely buy this mini massager again. It's compact and can easily fit in any pocket. It may be called a mini massager but it's very powerful.

    Paul Bello 

        I suffer from chronic pain due to old sports injuries. impingements in both shoulders, neck stiffness from car accidents, and tennis elbow, probably from using my cellphone too much.  This little unit is Awesome. I can use it at work discretely and of course, at home. I've had it for about a week, and I can already tell the difference. It's beneficial for the immediate relief of pain. I might buy another one to keep it at work.


    Name and function of components

    0noff switch; start/ deepen/ cancel" deepen"/ turn of


    1. Battery installation

    I)  open the deck. Insert three 7# batteries, paying attention to polarity

    3) Close the deck cover firmly

    2. Preparation of electrodes

    1) Peel off the smooth film on the adhering pads,

    2) Put the adhering pads on being winder after use.

    3. Placing electrodes

    1) Wipe.the position of body to be massaged with wet towel to remove oil. dirt.

    2) Stick the electrodes directly onto the skin to be massaged

    3) Treatment can not be effected unless both of the two electrodes are placed onto the body surface it is not necessary to place the two electrodes symmetrically

    2. Application method

    1) Put on the power: press on off button, the LCD screen display the power situ action, at the same time led display signing arrow of selection for therapeutic modes, which is including acupuncture, strength is 0, time is 15 minutes.

    2) Chinese/ English display button: press this button, you can choose the led in Chinese or English

    3) Selection for therapeutic modes ; press the functional button, you can choose stroke, massage, acupuncture, manipulation, scrapping , cupping, weight reducing. Therapeutic, adjust immunology

     4)Adjust strength: there are 15 intensity levels which can be set on the above. Press this button once the intensity can be increased by one level, .Intensity reducing button, there arc 15 intensity levels which can be set on the above, press this button once, the intensity can be reduced by one level.

    5) Time selection: you can select time is 5-15 minutes press one time, time will be added to 5 minutes.

    Package Include:

    Digital Therapy Machine X 1pcs

    Electrode pads X 8 pcs

    Connection line X 2pcs

    Charger X 1

    Manual X 1



    Let’s answer questions going through your mind…

    What is Digital Massage Therapy?

    Digital Massage Therapy is a drug-free, non-invasive therapy designed to reduce and relieve numbness in the arms, legs, and foot by applying electrical nerve stimulation to the skin's surface near the pain site.

    How does Digital Massage Therapy work?

    Scientific theory suggests that this device can work in several ways, including the pulses that can block the pain message from reaching the brain. The stimulation triggers the body to produce more endorphins (a natural pain killer), and the therapy improves blood circulation.

    Why should I Buy and Use This Product?

    Digital message therapy is a simple, drug-free solution for the relief of muscle and joint pain. Our portable device's line delivers gentle massage-like pulses under your personalized control, providing the spot pain relief. Available without a prescription, This Digital Therapy may help relieve pain in about 15 to 30 minutes daily at your convenient time.

    When should I Use This Product?

    Use the product as soon as the pain begins. If one starts using the product early in the day, it may prevent the problem from becoming worse. The earlier one puts one's pain under control using this fantastic product, the better chance to keep up with daily activities.

    Is This Product safe for General Body's Health?

    Yes, Digital Therapy has been prescribed and used for more than 28 years by medical professionals such as physicians, physical therapists, and chiropractors as an effective pain relief solution. This device has been sold in more than 86 countries globally, and reviews are kept coming daily from individuals who have used this product.

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